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There is no cost to your student when they initiate the
  EndorseStudents  process. There are no monthly fees or service charges. The student can access their Letters of Recommendation anytime in the future without cost or obligation when they apply to other schools, scholarships and grants; even when they apply for employment or internships. Students can also engage additional references as time goes on with their account as they gain experience.

The current recommendation letter process involves handling paper for both students and references. Students do not know what questions to ask, and often references do not know how to respond.

EndorseStudents solves this problem by guiding both the student and the reference through the process. Our web-based software creates specific questions for the reference based on the type of reference and the student’s interaction with the reference. The student has the ability to delete any of the standard questions that we create. Best of all, students can create their own questions that will highlight their unique experience, skills and abilities.  EndorseStudents generates a form filler questionnaire that is sent to the reference in an email that can be completed in less than five minutes on a desktop, tablet or phone, 24 X 7.

Responses from references are compiled into professional letters of recommendation that will be available electronically, anywhere and anytime, in both the education counselor’s account and in the student’s account with us. These letters can be sent to any college, program or scholarship where the student applies and can be used as many times as you wish. The student can even use the recommendations created at a later date when they apply for a job.

The current recommendation letter process is inconsistent, often unprofessional and letters are copied over and over, and they are mailed or faxed. With EndorseStudents, responses from references are compiled into cutting-edge web-based Letters of Recommendation that can be printed or emailed to admissions offices and scholarship opportunities. The Letters we create will also include a link. This link can be included in correspondence, online applications or in an email and will allow the admissions office to view the student’s Letters with just the click of a mouse on the link.

Please click to view a test report of the letter of recommendation process

To open an account, contact Barb Wyskowski at:  or  call (877)-238-1816 to learn how working with us will benefit your students