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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no sign-up fees or monthly charges. The Letters of Recommendation that you create are saved in your account and can be used again and again at no cost when you apply for admission, scholarships and grants.

You can interact with any number of references. The cost is only  $4.95  for each group of five references we work with you to engage. There are no additional charges or fees to use our services.

Our process puts you in charge of the content of your Letters of Recommendation. We suggest you review the videos which walk you through the process.

Services provided by  EndorseStudents are unique and you may have a question or two about what we can do for you.

Admissions Counselors

  • Why automate the Letter of Recommendation process?

When you apply to a school or program, you will need to provide Letters of Recommendation.  Our service allows you to contact multiple references and develop Letters of Recommendation which can either be sent electronically directly to the school or program, or accessed through your online account for whenever you need a Letter of Recommendation.

In order to get the most out of the Letter of Recommendation process, it is important that you contact your references prior to commencing the Letter of Recommendation process so you can discuss your goals and your experience together.

Click here  to view a sample Letter of Recommendation. You can create your own Letter of Recommendation for each reference.

  •  How do I create my Letter of Recommendation?

Click here
  and follow the instructions to register with us. When you log into to your account and you are ready click “Create New Letter of Recommendation”. Please follow the instructions at each stage to maximize your experience. Click here to view our video about the Letters of Recommendation process.

  • How do I send my Letter of Recommendation to a school, college, scholarship or grant program?

Your Letter of Recommendation will be saved in your online account. You can attach it to your application as a document when applying online or via email. 

Your Letter of Recommendation can also be sent directly to the school or program at the email address you provide.

You can also print your Letters of Recommendation and submit them along with an application or resume by mail.

Your Letters of Recommendation will always be available to you electronically via your phone, tablet or computer, so you can have it with you at all times.

Your Letters of Recommendation will include a unique link that you can copy and paste into an online application or email.  Anyone clicking on this link will have immediate access to your Letters of Recommendation. Please click this link: https://letterto.endorsestudents.com/Report/Erc/Validate/DQBS-AA7F3J6   to view a sample Letter of Recommendation.

  • How does the Letters of Recommendation process work?  

You control your Letters of Recommendation.  

Our process offers the flexibility to create and manage your Letters of Recommendation. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your experience and skills by creating questions or statements which prompt a response from your reference about your interaction and aptitude. Imbed a video

  • What will the Letter of Recommendation cost?  

There are no monthly fees and you can create your account for free. We charge
$4.95  for each group of  five (5) Letters of Recommendationreferences  who are sent an email with your questions and the standard questions. You determine which references and how many will receive an email prior to checkout. You may use a major credit card or your PayPal account to pay for this service.

  •  How do I enter references?

Click the “Create New Letter of Recommendation” tab along the top row and review the instructions.

  • How are questions generated for my references?

A standard group of questions will be generated based on the information you provide when you add a reference. You are also able to create personalized questions for your references.

The Introduction and Summary are standard questions and statements and cannot be deleted.  The Interaction and Attributes questions can be replaced with personalized questions or statements from you which prompt a response from your references.

  • What do I need to get started?

All you need is the name and email address for your references.