Now you can offer the EndorseStudents  Letter of Recommendation solution to your students.

Education counselors can initiate the process in just two easy steps

Step 1:

When logged into your account, click “Create Request” and enter your student’s name, email address and import brief instructions into the body of the email. If you wish to reach a number of students at the same time, bulk emails can be generated in one step after easily importing email addresses from a spreadsheet. The email that is sent by 
EndorseStudents  to a student will include instructions to begin the process and engage references.

After receiving the email, your student will create an account and engage references by entering information about their interaction with the reference. Please see the
FAQs for details. The Letters of Recommendation created for your student will be available to them in their account and can be used for educational or employment purposes in the future. Your student can add additional references as they gain experience going forward.

Step 2:

Only one additional action is required after student emails are generated. To insure that an unauthorized individual does not engage the process, your account administrator must click to “Approve” after your student completes the reference entry process.

No further action is required by you, but you will have the ability to monitor the progress of each student’s Letters of Recommendation from your
EndorseStudents account. You have the option to actively manage students in your account with searchable fields. Each student’s Letters of Recommendation will be available in your account and can be reviewed with a student or forwarded to a potential employer.