Endorse Students References For College, Scholarships And Programs

Your FutureColleges, internships, scholarships and programs all require letters of recommendation.  You don’t want to ask the same person to write a letter of recommendation for every program you apply for, so what can you do?EndorseStudents offers you an easy solution by automating your letters of recommendation.  You provide the name and contact information for each reference. EndorseStudents will generate an email that will prompt your reference to respond to specific questions based upon our research that are tailored to the type of reference and your experience.You can even add your own questions that will highlight your unique abilities and experience.  Responses from references are compiled into a professional letter of recommendation that will be available electronically in your EndorseStudents account. Your letter can be sent to any program you apply to and can be used as many times as you wish.A well thought out and substantive letter of recommendation from a teacher, instructor, volunteer organization, etc. can often be very helpful in borderline admissions decisions. With EndorseStudents, there is no more worrying about losing a hard copy a letter of recommendation. It will always be available on your computer, tablet or phone.